Geomatics is playing a vital role in helping businesses and governments make crucial decisions regarding activities such as agriculture, forestry, hydrology, transportation, telecommunication, city planning and development, land use and land reservation, environmental monitoring and protection, and disaster assessment and management. As one might expect of sophisticated technology, costs can be high. That's where we're different. We offer a unique combination of technological expertise, flexibility and affordability.

Our production facility is staffed by highly trained and qualified personnel who use the latest sophisticated remote sensing technology and software applications to interpret and integrate your geospatial information data into any form you require. We can also customize our services and applications to accommodate specialized needs. We believe you'll find our depth of service and value is unmatched.

Our head office is located at Suite 1300, 605 Robson Street, Vancouver, Canada. From here, a team of dedicated and experienced representatives service our North American clients and coordinate with our production facility in China.

Our 4,200 square feet production facility is located in Qinhuangdao, China. Currently, we employ over 80 highly skilled geomatics professionals. We work closely as a team with our sister company, CASW Data Technology in Beijing, China. Together, our geomatics team integrates, processes and delivers data meeting our customer's specific needs. This combination of sophisticated expertise and vertically integrated operation helps us provide an exceptionally high quality product at an overall lower cost than our competitors.

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