Ms. Lian Li
Ms. Li is the Company's President and brings to her position considerable experience in the areas of finance and international business operations. Prior to joining the Company in 1996, Ms. Li held a senior management position with the corporate finance department of a major brokerage firm in Hong Kong. Before that, she worked with an investment management company and a public accounting firm in Hong Kong; a banking group in the United Kingdom and the central government in Beijing, China. Ms. Li holds a Master's degree in Economics from Brunel University in London, England and a Bachelor's degree in Economics from Northeast University of Finance & Economics in China.
Mr. Guoqing Liu, Paul
Mr. Liu is a businessman and a non-practicing lawyer (formerly certified in China). He graduated with a Bachelor's degree in law from Beijing University in 1983 and a Master's degree in Law from China University of Legal Science & Law in 1990. Mr. Liu serves as a director of other private companies in Asia, Europe and North America. His extensive experience with international business operations and his in-depth understanding of the Asian market are of considerable value to the Company.
Ron Paton
Ron Paton practices business law in association with the Vancouver law firm, Maitland & Company, representing both public and private company clients. He received his law degree from The University of British Columbia (LL.B. 1988) and was called to the British Columbia bar in 1989. Mr. Paton has served as a director and officer of several public and private companies and has experienced the unique challenges and opportunities presented to companies in the early stages of development and commercialization.
Mr. Daniel Sung
Mr. Sung is President of Unimet Investments Ltd., a Vancouver based private investment holdings company established in 1975. Prior to joining Unimet, he worked as a fund manager specializing in small cap stock with Framlington Investments Management Ltd. in London, England. He obtained his Sloan Fellowship from London Business School in 1987, is a graduate in Medicine from the University of London and a former Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons. He has also served as a director and/or officer of several other public and private companies.
Dr. Chenghu Zhou
Dr. Zhou brings to the Company his extraordinarily extensive and enriched knowledge and experiences in the field of geospatial information research and development as well as business application. He is a leading scientist in China in the field of GIS, remote sensing and hydrology. Dr. Zhou is the Director of State Key Laboratory of Resources and Environment Information Systems of the Chinese Academy of Sciences; Director of the Joint Lab of Geo-Information Sciences of Chinese Academy and Chinese University of Hong Kong; Chair of Commission of GIS Hydrology of China Society of Geography, Member of Remote Sensing Committee of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Member of Expert Committee of National Remote Sensing Centre of China; Member of Editorial Board of the Journal of Remote Sensing, Geographic Research, Journal of Geographic Information Science. He received his undergraduate degree from Nanjing University in 1984, a Master's degree in 1987 and a PhD. in 1992 from the Chinese Academy of Sciences. In addition to his academic experience, Dr. Zhou has gained valuable business experience, most recently as Chief Technology Officer of Shanghai Wingsung Co. Ltd., a public company listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange.

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