Pacific GeoInfo Corp. (the "Company") is a Yukon, Canada corporation headquartered in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. The Company is publicly traded on the TSX Venture Exchange (trading symbol: PGO).
The Company has of a 60% interest in Qinhuangdao CASW Data Technology Co., Ltd. (the "production facility"), a joint venture with Beijing CASW Data Technology Co., Ltd. ("CASW") based in China. The production facility specializes in geospatial data processing and related products and services. CASW holds the remaining 40% of the production facility. A majority of the production facility's directors have been appointed by the Company.

The Company assumes overall responsibility for the proper management and financing of the operating activities of both itself and the production facility. The Company not only brings international business practice and management acumen to the production facility operation but is also increasing its exposure to the North American market where the applications for geospatial data are at an advanced stage. North America hosts some of the most sophisticated researchers in the field as well as some of the most prominent corporations in the industry, which provide the environment for the Company to become a competitive player in the industry.

The production facility has assembled a group of skilled employees which are led by a management team that is enriched with innovation consciousness and practical skills in geospatial information acquisition, processing, analyses, distribution, application development and business administration. Its management team includes individuals who are China's top scientists in the research and application of technologies in the geomatics industry possessing international academic and business experience. The team originally derived from the Institute of Geography Science and Natural Resources, Chinese Academy of Sciences (IGSNR, CAS) which has 20 years of experience in the field of geomatics research and application and remains current with the development of the industry worldwide.

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