When you need detailed geospatial information, you need it delivered with precision, on time and, if possible, under budget. Our Production Facility employs over 80 trained professionals skilled in geospatial information acquisition, processing, analysis, distribution and application development. Our team includes China's top scientists in the research and application of international geomatics technologies, many of whom came from the Chinese Academy of Sciences. Institute of Geography Science and Natural Resources, which has helped pioneer the field of geomatics research and application for over 20 years. This makes them highly sophisticated in their approach and innovative in adapting applications to meet customized needs. We'll deliver data into any formats as our customers require as well as customize any special combination of functions as our customers applications need.
We offer all combinations of conventional mapping, cadastral surveying, GIS services and applications and GPS survey.

Thematic data mapping
Get more information out of your business databases by overlaying them on top of geospatial data. We can overlay streets, demographics, municipal boundaries, transportation, land-use, soil data and other information. You'll easily see spatial trends and patterns in your data, resulting in more informed decisions.

Satellite imagery and remote sensing
Radar satellite imagery is used for areas with constant cloud cover, fog or haze, or require near-real time images for disasters such as forest fires. Let us use our expertise to help you select the appropriate satellite imagery for your needs. The selection and availability of high resolution satellite and other remote sensing imagery today provides an affordable data for land use management, mineral exploration, forestry, agriculture monitoring and crop forecasting, environmental monitoring and disaster planning.

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