Data Compilation / File Conversion
We can compile information from databases, land surveys, airphotos, and global positioning systems (GPS) into a common format ready for use in client's mapping software. We can compile maps coming in either in direct digital form or digitized from hardcopies. We can also compile maps with different projections, datums and scales. We have specialized software to convert maps from one mapping software format to another. In addition, we can take digitized linework from paper maps, convert the linework into polygons (polygonization), and attach attributes to the converted linework.
  • Data compilation from different sources
  • Data conversion between software data formats
    (e.g. MapInfo TAB to AutoCAD DWG)
  • Data transformation between map projections/datums
  • Data manipulation (vectorizing, polygonizing, cleaning, noding, normalizing, etc.)
  • Data preparation for input into a GIS system
Digital Mapping
We have 9 full-time specialists each with an average 6 years experience as well as 40 digital mapping operators. Whether using field surveying, aerial photography, or satellite imagery for data input into your geographic information system (GIS), our experienced and skilled technicians will deliver the results you need. All formatted for compatibility with your software applications. Hard copy plots, on paper or mylar, are also available at selected scales from the digital data. Mapping can be integrated with digital orthophoto and perspective views that are created from aerial photography and satellite imagery to produce image layers for your GIS. Our main digital mapping services include:
  • Aerial photography acquisition
  • Aerotriangulation
  • Photogrammetric compilation
  • DTM generation
  • Data/map conversion
  • Data attribution
Digital Orthophoto
We can deliver a quality, customized product from high resolution scanning, image rectification and enhancement to the final orthophoto product, in a cost effective manner. Hardcopy output includes: mylar, photographic and paper proofs - plotted on a high resolution film writer and/or other plotters. Soft copy output in most popular raster formats can be used in both CAD and GIS environments to augment your information database. Differential rectification removes image displacement caused by vertical relief, attitude of the camera and lens distortion. Image quality is maintained through cubic convolution resampling and radiometric correction for color balancing. Applications of orthophoto include:
  • Land use planning/inventory, classification and analysis
  • Environmental analysis
  • Resource management
  • Map updating
  • Population and housing demographics
  • Databases for environmental impact assessments
  • Detailed terrain analysis
  • Determining optimal routes for utility site access
  • Assisting in vegetation/crop management and soil analysis
  • Assessment of flood damage
  • Emergency/disaster planning and management
  • Water pollution detection
  • Determination of temporal changes using old and new photography

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